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Children's Classes

Ages 2-18

Dancers at the barre and facing away from us


Parent & Toddler and ISTD Ballet Pre Primary - Intermediate

Classical Ballet is the foundation of most dance forms and teaches children coordination, balance, control, flexibility and strength. It helps develop a child's musicality, fine and gross motor skills and social skills.


ISTD Pre Primary - Advanced

A style originating in the USA and famously seen on stage and screen, Tap Dance is a fun and creative dance style that uses percussive footwork to create exciting performance. An excellent way to develop a child's musicality, self-discipline and self-esteem.

Tap dancers wearing red costumes
six dancers in the studio

Modern Theatre

ISTD Primary - Advanced

Rooted in Musical Theatre style dance, Modern Theatre teaches strength, coordination, flexibility, social skills and performance. An incredibly fun genre that develops into energetic high kicks and leaps.


Acrobatic Arts Levels

As seen on shows such as 'Dance Moms' and 'So You Think You Can Dance', Acro combines gymnastic skills such as tumbling and dance. An exciting way to develop strength and flexibility.

Acrobatic Arts logo
Four dancers in the studio


ISTD Bronze, Silver and Gold

A fun syllabus danced to up-to-date music showing a more grounded style. Develops style, rhythm, performance and self-esteem.

Terms & Conditions


Private lessons are available but 24 hours notice of cancellation must be given.

Classes that are paid for monthly in advance must be paid for whether or not the child attends. All classes must be paid for prior to the class being taken. Any extra coaching or rehearsal classes including those taken in theatres or other venues will be charged.

Fees not paid within seven days of becoming due will be subject to a surcharge of 10%. As a consequence of further delay parents may be asked to remove their child from the school until full payment is received and continued late payment may result in the management instructing that the child is removed from the school.

We trust that parents will appreciate that these steps are taken to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Please tell us of any change of home, email address or telephone number.

At least one month’s written notice of leaving must be given; fees will be due until the end of the month in which the student leaves.

Any student or parent found to be leaving disrespectful or derogatory messages on social media web sites will be required to leave.

Pupils may not simultaneously attend another dance school without prior agreement.

By taking classes you accept these terms and conditions.

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