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New adult beginners classes starting now. All our adult classes are 'drop-in' ones, no need to register.

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Classes are £8.00 or you can pay for five in advance and get a sixth free.

We take all major credit and debit cards as well as cash.


Ballet is classical theatrical dancing which originated in the courtfestivities of Renaissance Italy and was then brought to France, where it prospered under Louis XIV. Louis founded a school for dancers and that is why the terminology of ballet classes the world over is French. A ballet class is carefully designed to prepare the body for the physical demands dancing places on it.


Beginners Ballet Tuesday 18.30

Level 2 Ballet Tuesday 18.30

50+ Ballet Wednesday 10.00

Improvers Ballet Thurs. 18.30

Beginners Ballet Thursday 19


Learn to dance Argentine Tango.

Begin your Tango adventure with a fully qualified teacher, and learn the basics of this wonderful improvised social dance.


A 6 week Level 2 beginners class covering the basics of dancing Tango.

14th January to 18th March.

Price: £7.50 per class 

Tango is a partner dance so if you can come with a partner that’s great but if not just contact Jeff (email: ) so that we can try to ensure a balance of leaders and followers in the class.



With Lesley Wood

Please phone to book

(07860 593000) or email

Tuesday 13.00


Musical theatre dancing is less of a particular style, and more of a description of dancing that is rooted in the diverse history of Broadway musicals. Relying heavily on a knowledge of ballet, tap, and jazz, musical theater dancers are, first and foremost, actors and place a high focus on musical interpretation.

Beginners MT dance Thurs. 18.45



Tap dance involves manipulating the feet so that metal plates attached to the bottom ofthe shoes strike a hard surface in a variety of ways, creating a kind of music by spelling out rythms. It is America's own development, a blending of the Irish jig and English clog dancing with African rythms. It all came about on the streets of New York in the 19th century when Irish immigrants exchanged steps with freed African slaves.

Level 1 Tap Tuesday 19.30

Advanced Tap Tuesday 19.30

50+ Tap Wednesday 11.00

Improvers Tap Thurs. 19.30


Fatburn Extreme is a high intensity workout, that burns fat quickly and effectively and allows maximum results in minimum time. 

It has multiple benefits including:
•suitable for every level of fitness 
•increases metabolic rate 
•increases energy levels 
•improves speed, power and strength
•burns fat for up to 48hours after completing a class due to the release of catecholamines in the body 

Monday 18:15

Classes start week commencing August 2021

Dance classes for children and adults in Glasgow. Dance studio hire.